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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fixing the color palette in Windows 7's version of Paint

This is a screenshot of the Windows 7 version of Paint.

Looks like a big change from the older versions, right? It has a few new features, like additional shapes and brush types. However, one thing that has bothered me is the color palette, which, like in the Vista version, has different, non-"pure" colors.

See what I mean? In case you don't, I'll explain: the red in that palette isn't the purest red your computer can display. Instead of RGB(255,0,0), or #FF0000, it's RGB(237,28,36), or #ED1C24. Not that big of a difference in text, but as you can see the difference is much more pronounced in the other colors, such as green. Can't I just have a pure green without having to use the custom color function all the time? Why couldn't Microsoft have made a palette like this instead?

Well, from my other posts you may have noticed that a lack of source code doesn't always stop me from making programs work better. :-) After figuring out where the color palette is stored, I was able to change the palette to the one above.

To download my modified version, click here:

Note that if Microsoft asks me to remove this, I will, and I will figure out some other easy way to modify it, like some kind of patching tool.

In case you want to edit the colors yourself, click here to see my notes on the hexadecimal offsets of the color values. If you find them confusing, just post a comment and I'll try my best to explain.

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