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Sunday, March 04, 2012


First post in a while! Anyway, I was playing around with libao, and I ended up creating a simple program that plays a string of notes on the command line. The only limitations I can think of are that all notes need to be the same length and there are no flats or sharps. There is also a clicking noise in between notes, but I kind of like this as it makes it so consecutive identical notes don't just sound like longer single notes.

The syntax is pretty simple. You run the program with a string of notes as the first argument, and an optional note length (in seconds) as the second argument. As for the string of notes, any letters from A to G play their respective notes, and + and - go up and down an octave respectively. Any other characters act as rests, pausing for the same amount of time as one note.

Here's a link to the source code:

Remember; you need libao ( to compile this. Once that library is installed, compile it with gcc -o playnotes -lao playnotes.c.

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