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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Save MP3s in Sound Recorder

Does Windows XP come with software to create MP3s? The answer is an obvious NO! Or is it? Yes, it does. Sound Recorder actually has a hidden ability to save in MP3 format. Go to and download the MP3 file there. Believe it or not, it originated as a WAV file which was then converted using Sound Recorder. By the way, if it sounds familiar, play the video on the last post! Hmm...that's just about it...oh yeah! I've got to tell you how! I hate it when people don't...

  1. Open Sound Recorder.
  2. Record or open the sound to save as MP3.
  3. Click File>Save.
  4. Just saving it with the MP3 extension won't work. We have to save it as an MP3 file. See where it says Format and it has that PCM thing? Click on Change... next to it, and a window will appear.
  5. Open the Format list, and click on MPEG Layer-3. This is what MP3 is short for!
  6. Click OK and then save it with the MP3 extension. But put the entire filename (including the extension) in quotes so that it will actually be called, say, music.mp3, rather than music.mp3.wav.
You're done!

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